Meeting Minutes

NDCCA Annual Business Meeting

October 9, 2023

Bismarck Event Center – Upper Level Prairie Rose Room 105

President Peterson called the business meeting to order at 3:45 PM, thanking the commissioners for their attendance and then appointed NDACo Executive Director Aaron Birst as Parliamentarian for the meeting.

The President directed the members’ attention to the Regional Caucus Materials mailed to all commissioners. He noted the minutes of the previous meeting have been reviewed and approved by the Convention Minutes Committee. The minutes are posted to the NDCCA website.

Treasurer Joan Hollekim (Mountrail) delivered the Treasurers Report. She focused on the ending fund balance, budget, and dues, noting that one county had decided not to renew their membership. Expenses in legislative area were under budget. She reminded the members that the Association operates on a two-year budget and generally considers changes to the dues amount only on odd-numbered years. Hollekim reported that the Association is in solid financial shape and the Board is recommending an increase in dues at $15.00 per commissioner ($305 to $320). Shelly Weppler (Ward) moved and Jim Kapitan (Cass) seconded to accept the report. The motion was approved on a voice vote.

The President requested that the regional caucus chairs deliver their reports.

Region I: Beau Anderson (Williams) reported that he had been reelected as the regional representative.

Region II: Trudy Ruland (Mountrail) reported that Region II met at Ward County courthouse in person and via Teams. All resolutions presented were approved and discussion was held to include a resolution addressing CHINS costs.

Region III: Nick Moser (Cavalier) reported that he was reelected as the regional representative and that all resolutions were approved.

Region IV: Steve Forde (Nelson) reported that Region IV met via Zoom. Discussion was held on the bridge inspection resolution and cost for counties to hire an engineer to address needed repairs.

Region V: Mary Scherling (Cass) reported that Region V met in Fargo and had a better turnout than when held in Bismarck with the conference. Region V approved all resolutions as presented. Tony Grinberg (Cass) was elected as the regional representative.

Region VI: Becky Hagel (Foster) reported that 6 of 9 counties attended their meeting either in person on via Zoom. Attendees discussed that North Dakota’s gas tax is among the lowest in the nation and it may be time for an increase. Prairie Dog is not a reliable revenue source so there is a need to move the county infrastructure bucket ahead of state buckets. Discussed concern about electric vehicles.

Region VII: Steve Lee (McLean) reported Region VII met in Bismarck in person and on Teams. The proposed resolutions were approved. Jamee Folk (Mercer) was elected to be the regional representative on the NDACo Board for Region VII as Steve moves into the Past President position.

Region VIII: Scott Ouradnik (Slope) reported that Region VIII had 22 commissioners attend their meeting in Dickinson which was held in conjunction with Southwest Association of Counties meeting. All resolutions were approved as presented. There was unanimous support for elimination of NDIRF Board term limits. Members expressed concern about requesting additional state support for CHINS.

The President called for the standing committee reports.

Audit Committee: Kathy Skarda (McKenzie), Audit Committee Chair, gave the Audit Committee Report. She reported that the committee reviewed the books at the convention and found them to be correct. Skarda moved the acceptance of the report; the motion was seconded by Stanley Dick (Cavalier) and passed on a voice vote.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee: Scott Ouradnik (Slope) explained the amendments and additions that were being proposed to the Constitution & By-Laws.

Proposed Constitution and By-Laws proposed amendments:

Article III, Section 3(D): Change maximum number of terms from two to three.

Article III, Section 6: Add clarifying language regarding vacancies, “which must be ratified at the next regular meeting of Board of Directors”.

Article VI, Section 1(B): Update committee name from “Finance and Audit Committee” to “Audit Committee”.

Article VI, Section 1(D): Update Nominating Committee from “minimum of 7 members” to “no more than 7 members”.

Article IX: Add Conflict of Interest language, Section 1 – Conflict of Interest and Section 2 – Failure to Disclose.

Ouradnik called for any sections to be pulled separately. Request for Article III, Section 3(D) to be pulled.

President Peterson (Cass) called for motion to approve the rest of the proposed amendments Nathan Boehm (Morton) moved and Trudy Ruland (Mountrail) seconded a motion to approve all other proposed amendments. The motion passed on a voice vote.

Article III, Section 3(D): Change maximum number of terms from two to three.

Howdy Lawlar (McKenzie) proposed eliminating term limits for NDIRF Board. Further discussion was in support of the recommendation to eliminate term limits. Ouradnik reported that no other organization represented on the NDIRF Board has term limits. Nathan Berseth (Richland) moved and Howdy Lawlar (McKenzie) seconded a motion to eliminate term limits for the NDIRF Board. The motion passed on a voice vote.

Nominating Committee: Joan Hollekim (Mountrail), Nominating Committee Chair, delivered the Nominating Committee report stating that based on the Constitution and By-Laws, all NDCCA Board positions have two-year terms; with half of the Board of Directors elected each year and the positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer elected on odd-numbered years.

Hollekim then presented the following slate of candidates for consideration:

  • For President – 2-year term (1 Positions) Joan Hollekim (Mountrail)
  • For Vice President – 2-year term (1 Position) Neal Messer (Stark)
  • For Treasurer – 2-year term (1 Position) Glenda Collier (Eddy)
  • For NDCCA Director – 2-year term (3 Positions)
    • Cory Hanson (Williams)
    • Jim Kapitan (Cass)
    • Tracey Dolezal (Dunn)
  • For NDCCA Director – 1-year term (1 Position)
    • Dan Mittleider (Kidder)
    • Andy Zachmeier (Morton)
  • Western Interstate Region Board – 2-year term (1 Position) Scott Ouradnik (Slope)
  • NDIRF Board of Directors – 3-year term (1 Position)
    • Jackie Buckley (Morton)
    • Travis Frey (Mercer)
    • Jim Kapitan (Cass)

Peterson called three times for nominations from the floor. There being no nominations from the floor, Hollekim called for nominations to cease and a motion to accept the nominations as presented. Karen Anderson (Walsh) moved and Perry Turner (McIntosh) seconded to cease nominatins and accept slate of candidates as presented. The motion passed on a voice vote.

President Peterson invited candidates to speak.

NDIRF Board Candidates

Travis Frey (Mercer), Jim Kapitan (Cass) and Jackie Buckley (Morton) addressed the attendees and provided their background and requested support.

NDCCA Board of Directors (1 year term):

Andy Zachmeier (Morton) addressed the attendees and provided their background. Dan Mittleider (Kidder) was not in attendance.

Because there were two contested races, ballots were handed out and members were asked to mark a paper ballot to be collected by staff and hand them to staff for the tally.

Resolutions Committee: Karen Anderson (Walsh), Co-chair of the Resolutions Committee, presented the report. She informed the members that she was going to read the titles of all the printed resolutions recommended for adoption and then ask for requests to separate specific resolutions for individual debate or amendment. She would then move the adoption of all those not separated in one motion. She read the following:

  • 2023-01 Opposition to Elimination of Property Tax
  • 2023-02 State Managed Services
  • 2023-03 Public Employees Retirement System
  • 2023-04 County Candidate Education
  • 2023-05 Liablity Exposure on Joint Cost Participation Contracts
  • 2023-06 Support for CHINS (Children in Need of Services)
  • 2023-07 Increase in Gas Tax and Tax of Electric Vehicles
  • 2023-08 Bridge Inspections

Trudy Ruland (Mountrail) moved and Jim Kapitan (Cass) seconded a motion to update the title of Resolution 2023-01 as follows: Opposition to Elimination of Property Tax. The motion was approved on a voice vote.

Scott Ouradnik (Slope) moved and Joan Hollekim (Mountrail) to pull Resolution 2023-06 for separate discussion. The motion passed on a voice vote.

Trudy Ruland (Mountrail) moved and Tracey Dolezal (Dunn) seconded a motion to approve the remaining resolutions including: 2023-01, 2023-02, 2023-03, 2023-04, 2023-05, 2023-07, and 2023-08. The motion passed on a voice vote.

President Peterson call for discussion on Resolution 2023-06 Support for CHINS. Scott Ouradnik (Slope) discussed 2023-06 and expressed concern for additional involvement by law enforcement for these youth and request for additional funding from the state. Shelly Weppler (Ward) reported that the state used to pay for the shelter care for CHINS youth and that federal funding is no longer available, leaving costs to fall on local government for the first night of shelter. A motion was made by Shelly Weppler (Ward) and seconded by Perry Turner (McIntosh) to approve Resolution 2023-06. The motion passed on a voice vote.

The President then called for election results for the two contested positions and announced the following:

  • For NDCCA Director – 1-year term: Andy Zachmeier (Morton)
  • For NDIRF Board: Travis Frey (Mercer)

Other Business:

President Peterson presented appreciation plaques to Karen Anderson (Walsh) and Perry Turner (McIntosh) for their years of service on the NDCCA Board. President Peterson next invited President-Elect Joan Hollekim to the podium and formally passed her the gavel. Hollekim then presented an appreciation plaque to outgoing President Chad Peterson (Cass) thanking him for his leadership and service.

President Joan Hollekim called for a motion to adourn. Glenda Collier (Eddy) and Cory Hanson (Williams) motioned to adjourn. The motion passed on a voice vote.

Approved by Board Resolution: _____________________________

Aaron Birst, Secretary

Date: ____________________________________